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12 October 2007 at 4:45 pm (General Housekeeping)

I do a lot of crafts, but what has me fired up at the moment is the prospect of loom/frame knitting. Regular knitting I just can’t comprehend but I’ve been doing various types of frame and spool things since I was a child. I just have soooo many ideas and cravings for hats and can’t find anyone to make them for me so I have to figure out a way to do it myself. Not having hair is a huge motivation to have a huge supply of warm headgear!

Tomorrow I am going to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace here in London. I may buy a knitting loom there if I find one at a reasonable price. If not, I am going to America to visit my parents in a few weeks (I am an expat American/naturalized Briton) and I know I can get the Knifty Knitter brand easily and cheaply while there. But I am really hoping to find one before then so I can be using it on the long flight over!

Also tomorrow I am taking classes in luceting, blackwork embroidery and batik. I know the basics in all of these but I am hoping to get a lot better.

I like to make a new item of jewelry for every major event that I attend (I am first and foremost a beader) and I’ve had some fiber that I bought to bead with some time ago and it only seemed fitting to use it for this event. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of threading multi-ply yarn onto a suitably small (tapestry) needle, things just weren’t working out as I had planned. So I took one of the fuzzy yarns and fingerwove a bulky cord and then added glass beads using wool embroidery floss tucked and twisted around in the woven piece. The light has faded too much now for me to get a decent picture of it but I will try to get one tomorrow. I may not decide to keep the piece in my permanent collection, but I think it does a decent job of what I was going for and will hopefully make me look less of a total outsider 🙂

I have a ton to do and need to sleep early so I’d best get going! I just hope I can sleep despite my excitement. Several friends are going to be there so it should prove a very enjoyable day 🙂


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