There’s no place like home

10 December 2007 at 6:17 pm (Randomness) (, , )

 …especially if your husband has been sick and hasn’t cleaned anything in the five weeks you were gone.  *Sigh*  I know better than to expect the place to be nice when I get home but some part of me still is disappointed when I walk into a dump 😦

I survived the trip to DC, which included a visit to the Springwater Fiber Workshop (which was cleaned out due to their almost-went-out-of-business sale so nothing really to see) and the very lovely Knit Happens shop in Alexandria where I bought three skeins of Pima cotton from Peru. Not organic, alas, and I *know* that it is very important to buy organic cotton as 50% of the world’s pesticide use is in the cotton industry, but it was beautifully handpainted from a small company so I couldn’t resist.

So I’m home, but my yarn stash is in transit as I didn’t have enough luggage space. All I could cram in was two skeins for the scarf for my husband and the yarn that has now become the finished scarf for my mom. I need to try to take pictures but I need to be awake in daylight for that to happen. Right now I am sleeping 15 hrs a day 😦

I do get to gloat a little as both husband and friend made noises about wanting the very first hat that I made of out Red Heart Light & Lofty. I think I have enough yarn left to make a second hat so both shall be appeased. It’s nice to make things that other people like, I was worried about stuff being really boring or screaming newbie but I find with the looms it’s a lot harder to screw up than with needles! Dropped stitches are more noticeable and easier to fix.

So much to write about, I got five looming books from Amazon for a total of six (out of I think 8 that exist), so I shall be writing up about them soon. Unfortunately my hands hurt too much for me to type any more today, but I really plan to blog more frequently now that I am home. If having my computer in the shop doesn’t turn into too much of a nightmare, that is! But hopefully that will all get fixed while I am away for the holidays and thus will be as painless as it can be. In the meantime though, the hands say it it time to stop and I must obey…


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