9 January 2008 at 4:30 pm (General Housekeeping)

I’ve not been posting because I feel so bad about not having any pictures to show. I want my packages to arrive from the US *NOW*!  (Not the least because I have 18 gallons of yarn on its way…whiiiiiine. But the camera to computer cable is in there too…)

 On the 2nd, t and I went to the I Knit London’s New Years event at the Royal Festival Hall.  We both were taught how to needle knit by Yvonne but as anticipated, t did great with it and I just wound up with a mess.  Oh well!  I now know that I want to use circular needles for everything and that years of attempting (and failing) to crochet has warped my brain so that I really want to hold the yarn in my left hand.  So sometime I shall get some circs and have another go!  We met quite a few other people there, such as GhostKnitter and PixelDiva and many others whose names escape me now. (I’m horrid with names/usernames, please forgive!) The yarn we had to play with was very yummy, Sublime which has lots of cashmere and silk and other fantastic things.  I will definitely be getting some of that in its chunky range.

  Speaking of getting yarn, I went to Loop in Islington for the first time yesterday and managed to score some yarn at the sale price even though the sale doesn’t officially start until Saturday (I think, I only overheard that). Must try to go back on Saturday although I’m already pretty booked for that day :/  So I got 6 skeins of Colinette Prism (not sure if that link will work) at 40% off and it’s already all spoken for with projects!  Only problem is two of my long looms have gone on walkabout and those are the two I need most so I’m having a good clean today to find them.

 I keep wondering if it is worth it to add projects to my queue on Ravelry when few of the loom patterns are on there anyway.  I haven’t made anything out of Isela’s book yet and that’s the only loom book on there so far, I don’t know about individual patterns.  I guess I should post on the Loom Knitters and Knitting Without Needles groups, eh?

 I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately reading more sick chicks who craft and blog, deciding what my criteria is for writing about them here.  I think I’m only going to talk about blogs that are primarily upbeat, because that’s the kind of person and blog I want to have. While I *totally* understand the need to kvetch about ill health, if that’s the primary purpose of the blog and crafting is only a minor element, I won’t list them here.  I’ll probably still read it but….well, you get the idea, I hope. 


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  1. Yvonne said,

    It was great meeting up with you and I know I can get you knitting with needles – we just need more time than I had that night! Want to contact me to arrange a meetup?

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