Thing-a-day and Things that must come before

17 January 2008 at 6:08 pm (Inspirations, Projects and Plans) (, , )

I’m going to be brave and sign up for Thing-A-Day 2 — a group project to create one brand new thing every day in the month of February.  Those 29 things (remember, it’s a leap year!) can be in any creative art, including culinary, and you’re asked to spend 30 minutes per day devoted to your projects.  I am probably going to do some loom knit samplers (which I usually do as dishcloths), lots of beading (I foresee many earrings, but that’s what my mom wants anyway), some ATCs or at least backgrounds for ATCs (which will involve painting) and a few cooking projects. Maybe some needle felting or stamping or even the felted soaps I have planned. T-a-D ask for a theme for each week but I don’t know that I will do that, more likely I will do one type of project and cook things on weekends.

Before I can do this, I need to: 1) Organize my craft supplies.  This is mostly done, but I need to get everything in one place. 2) Find a place to leave my crafting supplies out overnight.  Not sure about this, but I know that packing things up and pulling them out again every time is a big hindrance to my crafting.  Hefting boxes and bags is the most difficult step for me! 3) Find a way to photograph finished objects that does not rely on sunlight, since in England we won’t have much sun at all in February.  I really have no idea how I will manage this, so I’m going to rely on t to set something up.  A white box of sorts that we can shine lights onto would be the ideal, but I don’t know if I can acquire one at a reasonable price in time. 

I encourage every crafty person reading this to at least consider joining Thing-A-Day this year. If you do decide to take the plunge, please let me know!  (Perhaps by email until the comment-eating spam filter gets fixed here :/) 



  1. Yvonne said,

    One source of light I use is a daylight bulb in one of my lamps – it seems to help when taking photos of small items.

    Good luck with the crafting

  2. Robin McCoy said,

    Thank you for the suggestion of the wooden toilet seat! 😀 After a night of sleeping on the idea of a loomed toilet seat cover….it seemed ludicrous and embarassing that I even entertained the idea. LOL!
    You have a very nice blog going on here. 😀 I really like your rag doll hat. I will have to do a search for the Fraggle hats you mentioned b/c I had never heard of them and I love the Fraggles.
    Have a great day!

  3. iHanna said,

    Wow, you’ve got a lot of fun things to do in Feb! Lovely! I’m doing a daily art card each day this month and hope to continue the whole year! Let me know when you’ve got pictures up here too, I’m curious!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and writing there too!

  4. lastcrazyhorn said,

    I’m doing it too btw. I’m nutty, because I definitely don’t have the time, but I’m still doing it. lol

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