4 for 3

26 January 2008 at 7:59 pm (General Housekeeping, Projects and Plans) ()

In the 4 days since my Colinette arrived, and bearing in mind that I didn’t knit any of it on the first day, I have completed three objects.  Not a bad track record at all, IMO.  Proves that when you have exquisite yarn it motivates you to great speed 😉  I’ve even got a design that I think might sell (well it’s terribly similar to a lot of other things that are selling).

Unfortunately, a trip to the hardware store has not provided the material I want for a nice light tent, so we’re going to have to improvise.  Because this blog is pretty boring without pictures of all these things I am making!

I have a ton of more insightful posts to write, but my health is not doing too well right now so sitting and typing are alas not among my top efforts at this exact moment.  Soon, I hope.


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