Ponytail Hat

5 February 2008 at 2:29 pm (Original Designs, Show and Tell) (, , , , , , , )

Ponytail hat

I call this the Ponytail Hat because, well it looks like the hat has a ponytail 🙂  Not suitable for wearing with actual ponytails, although I suppose you could modify it.  It is youth sized (my head is 20 inches in circumference without hair which is very small for an adult, more like pre-teen sizing).

This hat was made on the Knifty Knitter long yellow loom knittiing in the round.  I used a “ruffled” cast on (not that it looks very ruffled), then a K1P1 ribbing for six rows.  Next was ten rows of e-wrap and then I started the decreasing: first just the end pegs and then four pegs per row until I had eight pegs left.  I knitted the tube at eight pegs for about four inches, then decreased to six pegs for about five rows and then down to four pegs for the remainder of the ponytail.  Add fringe and voila!

This used most of one skein of Colinette Marshmallow in the Lagoon colourway.  To do an adult hat I’d go up to the green long loom and it would probably take one and half skeins. (It’s actually a little short for me as it is, if I were to do it again for myself I’d add 3-4 more rows of e-wrap but that would have put me over one skein and I didn’t have any more.)


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