Lagoon legwarmer

15 February 2008 at 3:08 pm (Show and Tell) (, , , , , , , , , )

Lagoon Legwarmer

I had started this thinking it would be a thing-a-day but the blasted thing took me twelve hours over two days.   Knowing that has put me off doing its mate until thing-a-day is over.

Anyway, the gory details: One legwarmer, extra-long (I like em to come up over my knees), made in K2P2 (2×2) ribbing on the green loom that came with the Reader’s Digest set (does this thing have a real name?).  Made from one skein of Colinette Prism in the Lagoon colourway, to be worn with the Ponytail hat.  With lots and lots of flaws where I purled instead of knitting and vice versa.  Doing ribbing for a few rows isn’t so bad, but for over two feet is a lot harder than I thought!  But I guess part of knitting, especially when something is meant as a utility garment rather than stylish one, is that you have to learn to live with the mistakes.  Still, I think I have a lot more love for storebought legwarmers after this.  (And the ones I shall be making for friends will be ribbed at both ends but e-wrapped in the middle!!!)


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  1. guppylovesshark said,

    That is a beautiful yarn. I love the colors you choose for your projects.

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