April in Paris, Part 2 (Project Superstar photos)

18 April 2008 at 2:01 pm (Randomness) (, , )


(Photo: Me in the Project Superstar shirt with the view from Sacre Coeur in Monmartre, Paris.  April 12, 2008.)

The Project Superstar photo program is people taking pictures of themselves in the Superstar shirt and sending them to Marian (the very crafty little girl having a bone marrow transplant whom I have mentioned several times here before, see the link for “I’m a Craft Artist” in my blogroll) who is now in the hospital after her chemotherapy.  I’m not the farthest away or the most exotic locations (a family in the Slovak Republic has sent in photos!) but maybe I can be the most posh locations 😉

More photos, click to see larger:

 Sacre Coeur Notre Dame Place des Vosges Tuilleries with Eiffel Tower

My crafty photos are edited and on Flickr, I just need to write up the post about everything.  Which may be broken into several parts as there are a lot of photos! There are also many more photos of me that t is posting, these are not PS shots but are usually for the wheelchair travel groups or they involve a lot of wine and thus are not appropriate to send to six year olds ;0  If anyone really wants to see those, drop me a line.


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